Our photos capture the love and attention to detail that went into our day. We really wanted a simple, meaningful day that was filled with the love for each other and for our family--old and new. I feel that we achieved our goal, and Shanna was able to beautifully capture these emotions and the special moments that we wanted to remember forever.

Shanna has an amazing talent for capturing emotions in her photographs. Her candor and sense of humor set us at ease, and the final product far and above exceeded our expectations. Probably my favorite photograph from the day is from before the ceremony, standing in front of the giant window in the balcony of the sanctuary. The photo is dark, with the only light coming in behind us from outside. Our heads are together, and you can't really tell where my body stops and his begins. Looking at the photo brings back all of the intense emotions and sensations of the moment--an overwhelming desire to just marry this man already, his nervous hand in mine, his breath on my cheek, the love in his eyes.